Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Reading Room, Great Coxwell, near Faringdon

I was overjoyed to go on an impromptu cream tea outing today, particularly as it came at the end of a long walk. I had hit a sugar low, so can only liken stumbling upon The Reading Room at Great Coxwell to seeing a cool oasis glimmering away in the desert.

The Reading Room is located in the centre of this beautiful village. It's open for teas and cakes on the first Sunday of each month between 2.30pm-5.30pm. We therefore struck gold with our unplanned trip!

Cream Tea Queen Great Coxwell Reading Room

Decked out with bunting together with a few tables covered with a floral tablecloth, The Reading Room is very quaint. I was beside myself to behold a table brimming with an array of homemade cakes, as well as scones.

Cream Tea Queen cakes

The cakes looked too good to be true, so my friend and I had two (did I mention that we'd just got back from a long walk?!): a carrot cake and a chocolate cake. Delicious, and only £2 for each generous slice.

We also forced ourselves to have a scone each. An arduous task you might well imagine, but as your Cream Tea Queen I couldn't let you down! They were smaller than I'd normally like, but having eaten the cakes beforehand their small size counted in their favour! My trademark prod verified that they were freshly baked. They were supplied with large pots of cream and jam, both of which complimented the scone delightfully. Although not clotted cream, the cream had been whipped to perfection.
Cream Tea Queen afternoon tea

Throughout this we kept ourselves hydrated with tea poured from a pot. The pot was brown, the mugs were floral. This was true retro village style.

So, how would I rate the outing? At £3.50 each for a cream tea (£1.50 for tea, £2 for scones with the trimmings) it was a complete bargain. The location was delightful, both the village and The Reading Room itself. I'm therefore going to give it a 9/10. The only thing holding me back from going more frequently is the fact that it's open once a month!

I'm sharing with you some photos that I took in Great Coxwell. For fear of being rude (and alerting Neighbourhood Watch) I had to stop myself taking too many photos of the houses in the village. Note the huge National Trust barn, which was built in c1200!

Cream Tea Queen classic English house

Cream Tea Queen thatched house

Cream Tea Queen English sign

Cream Tea Queen poppyCream Tea Queen Great Coxwell National Trust barn

Cream Tea Queen Great Coxwell National Trust barn

Happy scone eating,

The Cream Tea Queen

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